Who had my camera?

I was going through the pictures on my camera and deleting ones I didn’t want to keep and I came across 38 pictures that were not taken by me. 


There was this picture of Chloe, which actually is not a bad shot.


And then there was the blankie picture.  Hmmmm I think this is a clue as to

who had the camera.


Next its a set of eyes.  They look a little familiar.


Who taught her to turn the camera on herself?  Maybe Aunt Joni?


Finally there were about 30 pictures of Sponge Bob on TV. 


But if you look closely,

you will see the reflection on the TV screen.

Busted Hannah!!!!!!!!!!


Kari said…
Mom, they are not allowed to watch Sponge Bob. Does that mean you're busted too?!?!?! :)
Julee said…
I noticed the Sponge Bob - What's up with that? I think Kari is right - Deb is busted too.