We just finished up a wonderful fun filled weekend with family and celebrated with a baby shower so I have a ton of things I should be posting about.  But I was catching up on some blog reading and was reading one that I go to often and she challenged everyone to take a picture of the inside of your fridge, without changing anything and post it.  I went and opened mine up after a long weekend of cooking and it scared me.  But I am being brave and showing it all, untouched.

The Good:
 - Yes there are veggies in there somewhere!
- There is a whole pumpkin pie left
- And real whipped cream!
-Leftovers for lunches
- Eggs are a staple in this house
- Jim's shelf is full of his vitamins/supplements

The Bad:
- I never can decide which dressing to use on salad
- This was cleaned out on Friday morning, with lots of room to spare.
- I need to go to the grocery store for more butter

The Ugly:
- Some things may be expired
- I found some bacon that has a funny color
- I have to go buy more butter
- I can't find the fudge topping for ice cream and I really want some

So I leave you with that.  A challenge to bear the inside of your refrigerator.  Be bold, be confident, be brave and OPEN that door!


Patti said…
I couldn't help but notice that you mentioned butter several times..

After I read this I went to my fridge and it is EMPTY!!
Angie Vik said…
Love all your fun comments. How brave you are to expose your fridge. I would be too embarrassed.
jules said…
You must watch PW's cooking show...she uses tons and tons of butter!