Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Otis aka Odie

Spring 2010 191

A couple of weeks ago we picked up our new puppy.  He actually is my birthday present but we had to wait until he was six weeks before we could bring him home.   Every time I have to take  him out to go to the bathroom, Jim just smiles and says “Happy Birthday”.  His name is Otis but Jim likes to call him Odie. 

Spring 2010 164

Here are a few of his brothers and sisters he had to leave behind.

Spring 2010 160

This was one of Otis’ sisters.  I so wanted to take her too but was firmly told I could only have one puppy.  There are responsibilities with owning a puppy you know.  So we left her there.

Spring 2010 165

Joni came along to help and she tried to sneak the sister puppy home but she got caught.  If I remember right this story is similar to one with Joni and a puppy being  carried to the car when we were heading home from Iowa, back in about 1988.   I’ll have to dig up that picture.

Spring 2010 166

I think he’s taking a liking to the Lumberjack.  (and the feeling is mutual)

Spring 2010 170

The Buchan boys couldn’t wait to meet Otis.  They wore him out in the first half hour and all Otis wanted to do was sleep.  Did I mention Otis is a boy?

Spring 2010 181

Otis quickly learned that the couch was pretty comfy.

Spring 2010 179

And his favorite place to sleep.

Spring 2010 277

He loves playing by the pond with the kids.

Spring 2010 236

Otis isn’t too crazy about being on a leash.  He likes to be stubborn and just sit down and not move.  But he is losing that battle.

Spring 2010 191

We’ve also had some disagreements on what toilet paper is for. 

Spring 2010 289

And this poor plant is slowly getting ripped apart.

Spring 2010 264

But sleeping is still his favorite pastime.  He has been kicked off the couch and moved to the entryway.  And all shoes have been moved safely out of his sight.