Thursday, July 31, 2008


Tyler and Hannah are getting used to having a baby sister in the house. Hannah especially has had issues with a baby stealing her attention but she is pretty good now. Here's Chloe at 6 weeks with her big brother and sister.

Cousins Taylor and Hannah had a fun girl day. They did girl things like putting flowers in your hair.

The boy cousins, Tyler, Alex and Keegan spent time in the sandbox. They all had 4-wheelers so it looked like they were building a track for them. There was lots of funny boy noises coming out of their mouths.

Here's Joni Rae with the newest cousin addition. Felicity Jo was born on July 19 to cousin Tracy and her husband Cole. Chloe is on the left at 6 weeks and 10 lbs 6 oz and Felicity on the right at one day old and 8 lbs.


That's the question Jim has been answering for the past week and a half. It all started on a beautiful Sunday evening. We had Tyler and Alex for the afternoon and decided to take the boys to the church softball games. It is always a fun way to spend Sunday evenings. Grab a bag of popcorn and a soda and spend time visiting with people. We had went to watch (key word here is watch) First Baptist play Trinity Lutheran. Well Trinity was short players and Jim was asked to help them out. (He's been told that playing against the Baptist team was the big mistake) Now he hasn't played in 25 years so when he started walking to the dugout I said. "But you don't even have a glove." That doesn't seem to be a problem when you're at a game. The first couple innings went OK, he struck out the first time so no injuries there. So next time he hits a base hit and starts out at a decent pace to first. The shortstop is gonna throw him out at first so he pours it on. Fast as he can go. I've been told its that guy thing where you just don't wanna get beat. Yep, rips the hamstring in his right leg, then the one in his left leg. Rolls across first base. And there he laid. Passes out from the pain.
Call the ambulance. Passes out again. Heart rate is dropping, hands are tingly. So they treat it as a possible heart attack. Spend the night in the hospital (staff at E.R. and hospital were great).
This is how he spends the next week. Sleeping because the pain meds are nasty strong, lots of ice packs and going to physical therapy.

Taking a nap with Chloe

He's getting better because now just one crutch is keeping him upright. Now he's getting anxious to get back to work, which should be next week.

Tyler and Hannah are fascinated with the crutches.

So now he is banned from playing ball (by me) and has to go back to a popcorn and pop and enjoy watching the games. By the way, he was safe on first base and they put a 12 year old in to run for him.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Tyler, Hannah and Alex were over for the afternoon. They absolutely love eating the raspberries right from the patch. They move around the rows and graze until either they are full or cannot find any more berries.

They went from the raspberries to the slip n slide. This is Hannah's favorite way to go down the slide.

The next blog should explain to everyone why there's a pair of crutches and a bored man in the house!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


The garage sales this year seem to never end. Tyler and Hannah love going with to the sales and they have even gotten so when they see a sign they yell GARAGE SALE and want you to check it out. If I have anything new in the house, Hannah's first question is, Grammy did you get that from a garage sale?
Well last week I found a china hutch that was made for my dining room. I didn't have the checkbook with me so I called Jim.
Deb: Hi, where are you?
Jim: On my way to town, its raining and lightning so I had to quit working. Why?
Deb: Well could you swing by 4th Street. I need your checkbook.
Jim: Why?
Deb: Well I kinda bought something at a garage sale and don't have enough cash on me.
Is the trailer empty at home?
Jim: What did you buy this time?

Here it is, my new china hutch that I've waited 30 years to get. We decided it was our 30 year anniversary gift, just a couple weeks early.

As I was deciding what to put on the shelves, I came across my kaleidescope that I bought at Warrens years ago. I picked it up, looked into the end, and the next ten minutes were spent enjoying all the beautiful scenes inside. I've always loved kaleidescopes. My next thought was how I wanted everyone else to see too so the next ten minutes were spent figuring out how to change the camera settings to get a good picture.

Here are a couple of my favorites.

It's amazing how fast time goes by when you're having fun!