Tuesday, March 31, 2009

5 Months

Tabby was here for the weekend and I did get a couple pictures of Bumbles.

She is feeling good and craving strange things. 

5 mos


Melissa surprised us and showed up at 7:00 on Saturday morning.  They drove all

night to get here.  It is so seldom they are all here at once so of course I

insisted on a picture.  I had to drag them all off the couches for this picture.


Someday Melissa you will not be a size 2. 

Monday, March 30, 2009

Who had my camera?

I was going through the pictures on my camera and deleting ones I didn’t want to keep and I came across 38 pictures that were not taken by me. 


There was this picture of Chloe, which actually is not a bad shot.


And then there was the blankie picture.  Hmmmm I think this is a clue as to

who had the camera.


Next its a set of eyes.  They look a little familiar.


Who taught her to turn the camera on herself?  Maybe Aunt Joni?


Finally there were about 30 pictures of Sponge Bob on TV. 


But if you look closely,

you will see the reflection on the TV screen.

Busted Hannah!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009



Yesterday was Hannah’s birthday.  I can’t believe its already been four years since this little girl grabbed a hold on our hearts. 


This is a favorite pass time in the summer.  Grazing the raspberry patch.


Hannah loves her big brother.   If Tyler can do it, she can too.


And she’s a great big sister to Chloe.


I think her real passion is cooking.  She is very much at home in the kitchen.



Hannah can play and keep up with the boys but she definitely can show her feminine side.


Happy Birthday Hannah!  We love you!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Today Julie and I are doing a Blogging Seminar at the Home Show. We are going to do our best to explain what a blog is and how to set one up. It should be a good time. If you have absolutely nothing else to do and are totally fed up with the snow, come and join us. We'll be at the Simek Center starting at 12 noon.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Well the contest is over.  The results are  in .


Did the Banana Split Creamcheese Pie take first place? 



But it took Second!!!!!!


And the prize was this huge bag of goodies. 


After the contest was over you could buy a piece of pie.  Lumberjack bought one

of mine and one of the first place pie.  He said mine was better.  Awwwwwwwww

You can check out the recipe on Food To Eat and Fill Your Soul.

There was a little accident during the making of the pie. oops

A Sign of Spring

Today is officially the first day of spring.  I haven’t found any of my plants poking through yet but the turkeys have shown up the past few days.


And the big Toms are strutting already. 


I guess this is early for that to be happening.  Somebody better tell the birds that.


Just to let you know, my little Canon camera does not zoom in this far.  I took these through the binoculars.




Now we just need the ice to melt off the pond and some leaves on these trees.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Chloe is not a baby with a scheduled nap time. In fact she just plain doesn't like naps. (Reminds me of her Mom when she was a baby) On a good day I will get her to take an hour nap all day. Most days will be two 15 - 20 minute naps.
On this day she finished eating her supper and dozed off in her chair.
Of course we were commenting on how cute it was and Tyler and Hannah had to show us how cute they were when they were sleeping.

Monday, March 16, 2009


It was two years ago today when we lost a very special part of our family.
The three months spent caring for Dad taught us a lot. We learned all about compassion, courage, how to be humble, and most of all how to put our trust totally in God.

He was a very humble man but had the respect of all of us.

I love this picture. It wasn't a tree in a huge woods, just one in the front yard. But it was what he did all his life.

This one is probably a favorite to all of us. He drove this truck up until the day he couldn't do it any more.
I laid in bed this morning at 4:30 a.m. thinking about that last few hours of his life. As we stood around his bed that last ten minuts or so, we knew he was so ready to meet Jesus. Now as Pastor Charlie said at the funeral, it is up to us as his family to carry on the torch. He has passed it on to us.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


This coming weekend is the Home Show and I’ve been trying to decide whether I wanted to enter a pie in the contest again on Friday evening.  I came up with two different recipes and couldn’t make up my mind which one to make.  They both sounded so good.  So yesterday afternoon we had a little get together by the Gilbys and I made both pies and had everyone taste them. 


This was the first one. It is called Chocolate Chip Banana Cream.  It was just OK.  No one was crazy about it.


Then I served the ????????????????????  pie.  It was a winner, hands down. 

So Friday afternoon I will be putting the finishing touches on my pie and we’ll head into town for the contest. 

I’ll let you know the results next week.  Oh and I’ll tell you the name of the pie then.  Didn’t want to give to many secrets away in case some of my competitors are reading this!



Joni and I sat down the other day to go thru the Pampered Chef catalog to select items she would like as gifts for her bridal shower.  When we came to the page of whisks, I got mine out to show her which ones I liked the best.  This was when I discovered I might have a problem. 

IMG_2831 IMG_2832

I  have NINE whisks!                           These two are my favorites.  I like the

                                                         small one so much that I have three of them.



I only have seven spatulas though.



OK maybe wooden spoons are the real problem. 


IMG_2835  IMG_2836

My little gadget holder is kind of overloaded so I use an old cookie jar for the extras.   I won’t even show you the drawer full of other gadgets. 

I thought now I have every kitchen gadget I would ever need.  Then I found the new corn cob scraper in the book.  I am doomed. 



Wednesday, March 4, 2009


We planted this blue spruce tree in 1980, which was the year before we built the house. I have no idea where we bought it from, just that I wanted a blue spruce. For some reason it became the "school tree". Every year on the first day of school, the girls would go line up in front of the tree to have their picture taken.
This isn't a first day of school picture but its the first time we used the tree as a backdrop. You can barely see it behind them. It was taken in 1982 and Kari & Tabitha had matching dresses. They were age 3 and 2.

Move forward to 1988. It was Melissa's first day of school and Joni didn't want her to go. She was losing her play partner and hung onto her until she had to get on the bus.

1991, They are growing up!

I think this one was from 1996 when Kari started her Senior year. I detect a little attitude in this picture.

1998. Kari is off to college and we're down to three.

2002. The last first day of school picture. Joni had to stand alone in this one so she made Bud get in the picture with her.

I went out to take a picture of the tree this morning. It's a big tree! Of course it's been there for 29 years already.