Tuesday, January 27, 2009


This past weekend we went to the Wisconsin Christmas Producers Association convention in Wisconsin Dells. It was held at the Glacier Canyon Lodge. This place is huge and very very pricey but the conventions are always very informative. The meals were so expensive that we didn't eat there. (breakfast for the two of us was $30, lunch and the banquet were much worse) It's a good thing we passed on the meals because I received an e-mail today that the majority of the people who ate there are sick with food poisoning and the WI Dept of Health is contacting everyone.

This was quite the discussion on "How do you hold your shearing knife?"

The guy on the left is the one who comes to shear our trees every summer. He hires a bunch of high school and college age guys and they travel all summer to farms to shear trees.
This was the winning wreath for the decorated wreath contest. I kinda like it, never thought of using white ribbon but it was very pretty. What do you think? I need ideas for next year.

On Saturday we headed to Appleton to spend a day with Andy and Tabby. Andy took us to a Carhart store. They make just about everything you could possibly wear. Andy was trying on some jackets so Tabby made herself comfy on a pile of jackets.

Tabby is 15 weeks along now. I had to get a picture of the "baby bump". She is still feeling the sickness part and Andy is so helpful. He was up at 2 a.m. making her toast because she was sick. Hang in there, July is just around the corner!


This last week we lost our dog, Levi. We had her for three years and even though I wasn't crazy about getting a German Shorthair, Jim insisted she would be a great hunting dog. Well I got used to her and now every day I look out at her kennel and wait for her to stick her head out. She was a good dog and really good around the kids. We miss her.
This summer when we dug the pond, Levi would spend hours at the edge of the pond catching frogs. She would bring them up to the edge of the lawn and leave them there. She was given the name "Frog Dog".

Levi would literally crawl into your lap if you would let her. She always knew she would get a hug from Tracy.
Of course I need to mention Bud. We had to put him down last May. He was 14 years old and very sick. He was the best watch dog. Bud did not like strange men and gave them a pretty hard time if they tried to get out of their cars. He was a Springer Spaniel.

Bud was always Joni's dog but when she went away to college, he attached to me and followed me everywhere. When I would work out in the gardens, Bud would lay by the garden until I was finished and then follow me to the next garden.

Tabby isn't a dog person but Joni forced her to touch Bud one time. She said it wasn't too bad.

In the spring we would have to get him shaved because he looked like a wooley bear with his winter coat.

And of course I have to mention Daisy. Daisy was a cat that showed up at Kari & Jon's house. She wouldn't go away and one day Joni went to pick the kids up and came home with the cat. She lived in the garage for a few weeks and although I am not very fond of cats, she was ok to have around. Until one day when a big hawk came down and decided she was a rabbit or something.

So now what? Do we stay petless? Do we look for a puppy this spring or maybe find a dog at the pound? (We tried that once. I brought home a dog from the pound. He was black and white and no one could ever even get near him. The girls named him Cow.) But what kind of dog would we get? Maybe a lab. Anyone have any suggestions?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Hannah is quite an entertainer. She is always dancing and making up songs. Now don't let her clothing attire fool you. This was not last summer but last week when the high for the day was -10. Gotta love the boots, they totally make the outfit. Also take note of the bow at the end.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


We've all heard of comfort foods. They are foods we probably grew up eating. For some reason the winter months seem to bring on more cravings for these foods. I grew up on a dairy farm with five brothers and two sisters so our meals were always basic, made with the staples Mom had on hand. There was always food on the table but you'd better get there when it was ready to eat!

This bread pudding was served often. It didn't require a lot of ingredients and everything was pretty much available all the time.

Another favorite is the oven fried chicken. It's a great Sunday dinner, served with mashed potatoes and gravy, corn from the garden (frozen if its winter), coleslaw and some fresh baked buns. My mother in law served this meal often when she has everyone over.
What's your "comfort food"? I've posted both the recipes on Food to Eat and Fill Your Soul.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Call us crazy but we LOVE winter. There are so many things to do. The "G" family were here from Iowa over Christmas and we went to the skating rink on Saturday night. If you're ever looking for something to do, this is a blast and the kids love it.

I think this was the first time on skates for Trevor and Keegan. And no Jim did not have skates on but Patsy did!
Three of the boys. I dare anyone to try and keep up with these guys for a day.
The Iowa boys were pretty good at this skating thing.

Keegan whizzed right by his Mom

Tyler had to pose with the girls

Hannah has improved so much since last year. Of course she is only three years old

Taylor was so patient with her.

I took Tyler and Hannah out on showshoes one afternoon after a heavy snowstorm. Actually it hadn't quit yet and it was beautiful out there!

We decided to take the tree out of the house and drag it off the back lawn.

Tyler kicking up some snow

We did a little shoeing over by Mark & Becky's house. This tree was attacked by an awfully mean woodpecker.

Alex led the way with Jacob and Shirley following

Jim didn't think much of our "modern" snowshoes. He insisted on using his original bearpaws.

Friday, January 9, 2009


Once again Hannah has joined me in the kitchen. This time Crusty French Bread was on the menu. Check it out on Food to Eat and Fill Your Soul. I had to post this because she really does sing while we are cooking and this proves it.



For some reason the start of a new year always brings on projects. Finishing up one thing seems to remind me of another. This picture is the table in my office. I counted and there are nine different ongoing things on this table, along with a couple items that need to be returned and even one last Christmas gift to be given.

Originally I put this table in the office to give me extra space to work on things but it becomes a catch-all. Where would this all be if it weren't for the table? Probably piled on the floor.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Chloe is almost 7 months old and is definitely working on getting some teeth. She can be happy and smiling one minute and then the "change" comes.
She is all smiley as long as you stay close by.
This is what happens when you leave the room. The sound really can hurt your ears.

The cork as Grandpa calls it works too.