Friday, January 14, 2011

Being Two

We spend our days together in this house.  She loves to watch Dora which buys me some time to get a few things done without "help".  Most of the time I can get cooking, cleaning and most household chores finished without having too much "interference".  It's when it comes to doing the bookwork in the office that the problems begin. 

She starts creeping in, trying to hide thinking I won't see her.
Before long she is up on the chair, checking out the printer and anything else she can grab.
It becomes a battle of who can be the fastest to grab something. By this time things are flying everywhere.  I'm grabbing stuff out of her hands and she goes on to the next thing.
Before I can stop her she is on top of the desk.
All she wants is my attention and by now I've totally forgotten what I was working on.
And then she crawls into my lap.  "Gamma pease hode me".
And then she just takes over my chair and finishes all my work so I can go play.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Have you ever wanted to have some prayer time and you just can't think of what to pray or maybe where to start?  Next time try the Five Finger Prayer.  This is also a great thing to teach children when they are learning the practice of prayer.

Start by putting your hands together in front of you as when praying.  Your thumb will be the closest to you.  Since it is the closest the thumb reminds you to pray for those that are closest to you, meaning your family and close friends.

The next finger is your pointer finger.  Let it remind you to pray for those that point you in the right direction.  Teachers in your school, or your childs teacher.  And don't forget your Pastor!

The middle finger is the tallest finger and it reminds us to pray for our leaders.  Whether it is the President of our country, Senators, Congresssmen or your local town leaders, they all need our prayers to make the right decisions.  We may not always agree with the beliefs or decisions of our leaders but they still need our prayers.

The fourth finger is called your ring finger.  This is the weakest of all the fingers.  Let this finger remind you to pray for those who are sick and hurting.

And last the pinkie finger which is the smallest finger which reminds us to also pray for ourselves. 

 I suspect this prayer might have something to do with the Packer playoff game on Saturday. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Meet Me On Monday

It's been  four months since I last posted?  No way, it can't be.  Somehow I got caught up in the tailwind of everyday life and work.  So I thought I would start out 2011 with a way to "meet" me.  My sister did this post today and so I'm following her instructions. 

Here's the questions:
1.  Do you have any New Year's resolutions?
2.  What food item are you craving right now?
3.  When is your birthday?
4.  What were you doing an hour ago?
5.  Last thing you cooked?

And my answers:

1.  Do you have any New Year's resolutions?
         Wow, talk about starting with the hardest question.  New Years resolutions are something I have never done but I actually was thinking about this the other day.  I think this year I need to get back to doing some of the things I have enjoyed in the past but have given up because of time constraints.  Genealogy is a hobby I started about ten years ago and have neglected for some time now.  I think I will start out by searching for some more family "roots". 

2.  What food item are you craving right now?
              A big piece of Lazy Daisy Cake.  This is my Mom's signature recipe, we grew up eating this cake.  Of course the edges are the best, right my siblings?

3.  When is your birthday?
           May 3   I love my birthday being in the spring because that's when all the nurseries are packed full of flowers and plants so its never hard to buy me a birthday present.  Hint Hint

  Here's Hannah watering my tomato and herb plants.  Did I mention I love springtime?

4.  What were you doing an hour ago? 
          Making breakfast for Chloe.  I made pancakes but when they were finished she wouldn't eat them, only wanted a fried egg. 

 When Chloe comes in the door in the morning she announces her arrival.  "Gamma Gamma I'm here!  Chloe Kapitz is here!"

4.  The last thing I cooked?
             The pancakes Chloe wouldn't eat, but I ate them.  And Otis loves the leftovers. 

This is Otis, my birthday present dog.  I have stories to tell about him but thats for another post. 

Hope you enjoyed getting to know me and be sure to follow the blog hop.

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